Progressive Jackpot Pokies NZ 2024

Progressive Jackpot is a casino gambling machine with a slot that features a jackpot that keeps rising until someone wins. The amount on offer is usually six to seven figure returns.

Have you been curious about the latest types of pokies in New Zealand? Want to get enough knowledge about the intricacies of progressive jackpot pokies? Interested in making a shit load of money while playing progressive jackpot slots online for real cash? Here’s the right piece to deeply sensitize you and give you all information you need.


Progressive Jackpot Pokies for Kiwis

Gambling involves the very important task of getting the best information possible. Moreover, considering risk involved makes Kiwi players reluctant to play new pokies which are newly developed. However, you could be missing out on great opportunities, especially progressive pokies.

As a result, we solve this indecisiveness for you. At Best Online Casino Reviews, we provide credible information about online casinos in New Zealand. We are dedicated to helping you make the best gaming decisions that boost your overall experience. The great catch is the truckload of helpful information we provide about online pokies.

Specifically, progressive jackpot pokies and progressive pokies machines. To get in-depth information, explore the Best Online Casino Reviews site where you get to learn a lot about progressive jackpots, useful play tips, and strategies. We have the best glossary you can possibly get about New Zealand Progressive Jackpots.

You can allay all your fears regarding any pokies you see on the Best Online Casino Reviews. We painstakingly ensure all progressive jackpots are registered with the required authorities. These include the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Malta Remote Gaming Council, Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority(GRA) amongst others. Best Online Casino Reviews itself meets the standard of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association.

Any progressive jackpot pokies at Best Online Casino Reviews are from the best casinos in New Zealand. These progressive jackpots have passed a number of criteria. These criteria and testing processes ensure they benefit kiwi players greatly. Criteria we check include safety and security of progressive jackpot, ease of payment, customer service, and promotions and bonus offers. Read on to learn more about progressive jackpots in New Zealand.

What are Progressive Jackpots and how they work?

A wide variety of New Zealand gamblers have recently been thrown into the dark by invention of progressive slots jackpot. While some players can quickly wrap their heads around concepts. Others don’t always have this advantage. Hence, the need for help figuring this out. Progressive jackpot refers to a type of online pokies amongst the major types. They feature a jackpot that keeps increasing until someone wins. The amounts on offer are usually six to seven figure wins. For instance, the renowned Mega Moolah recently hit a very high payout of about 31.8 million New Zealand dollars.

Progressive slots can be the key to financial your breakthrough. The name progressive jackpot evolved from the way prize amount continually rises until a lucky player wins. The results when great are quite definitive and desirable. A necessary gambling skill currently for New Zealand players is playing progressive slots online. To get the most effective strategy, understanding how progressive jackpots work helps. You coin great strategies to fit the usual working mode.

IGT Mega Jackpots Golden Goddess

How progressive jackpots work?

Just like every other casino game, playing progressive pokies requires an in-depth understanding of how they function. That is, how do progressive jackpot slots online generally work. How are they programmed? What features did the developers infuse which are different from every other type of pokies. At Best Online Casino Reviews, we give you exhaustive details about progressive slots and how they work.

When playing progressive jackpot pokies, part of your lost bet is added to the jackpot prize pool. Moreover, you may be required to bet a minimum amount to qualify for a progressive jackpot. Real Money bet may also be admitted in certain scenarios. Here, only a very little percentage of each bet lost gets added to the prize pool. A range of percentages based on painstaking research reveal about 1% to 7% of each bet lost.

Nevertheless, there are casino games with progressive jackpots infused as side bets.
These are progressive slots that require players in NZ to risk additional money on their primary bet to be jackpot eligible. Progressive jackpots which function as a side bet add sixty to seventy percent of side bets to prize pool.

These kinds of pokies are dependent on the number of Kiwi players and their stakes. The machines are programmed to randomly pick. Hence, be assured there’s no form of cheating and have fun competing against other players.

How to play a progressive jackpot?

After a detailed background of progressive jackpots and how progressive jackpot slots online work. The next step is learning to play these kinds of pokies. A tactic which many New Zealand gamblers make use of is improving their skills on a free mode before playing for real cash.
For progressive jackpots, you do not need this tactic. The explanation of how these jackpots work helps you develop a rapid understanding of the best way to play.

Before making a deposit to play progressive jackpots, check the Qualifying amount. If you’re comfortable with such an amount, make a deposit. On the contrary, if you’re not pleased with it. Check for a side bet. However, staking side bet does not contribute to the prize pool in progressive jackpot. Hence, you won’t win jackpots except those that pay on any spin.

After checking these, check how often these progressive jackpots hit. A progressive slot tracker is a great fill here but at Best Online Casino Reviews, we only list progressive slots online with an enclosed gap. Jackpots like Arabian Nights could pay as often as every 21 weeks while others might have paid last in about 2 years. You definitely want to refrain from playing these kind of jackpots. They are commonly referred to as cold by New Zealand players.

After Choosing a great progressive jackpot and making a deposit. Try your luck competing against others. There’s absolutely no need to coin up strategies. First, Random Number Generators engineer these slots most times. Hence, they determine when you win or lose. These machines run through a ton of numbers. Whatever the result, be assured they aren’t influenced. Keep playing till you hit the desired jackpot!

RoyalVegas Progressive Jackpot Slots

How often a progressive jackpot hits?

Every Kiwi Players looks out for the best time to play a progressive jackpot. Hence, every gambler is in search of a progressive slot that’s close to a jackpot hit. There are a number of steps to measure progressive jackpots likelihood to hit a jackpot. These include:

Checking The Last Jackpot Hit

A common approach here is getting a progressive pokies tracker. These are proactive tools that constantly keep track of progressive slots most recent win, average time between wins and average payout. At Best Online Casino Reviews, we do all the tracking for you and recommend the best progressive slots to you. The last time a jackpot was hit is the first thing to check. It determines if you have strong chances of winning.

However, this factor is not applied in isolation which leads us to the next factor. All these factors must be put together to make a final decision.

Checking Intervals between the Jackpot Hits

This is relatively the most important factor to consider before choosing a progressive slot. Progressive jackpots with very long intervals between wins are not a great fit when looking to make a great deal of money. At Best Online Casino Reviews, we recommend progressive pokies like Major Millions by Microgaming which averagely pays out very six weeks.

Checking Average Jackpot Payout

Progressive jackpots don’t have hits at all times because they keep rising till a very high prize is reached and hit by a lucky winner. In most cases, the prizes to claim are as huge as millions of New Zealand dollars. For instance, Jackpot Giants which is one of recommended progressive jackpots at Best Online Casino Reviews has a top prize of about $8 million and $12 million. Major millions offer a jackpot worth $1.8 million.

To pick the best progressive jackpot pokies. These three criteria must be placed side by side. For instance, a great payout may not have a great average interval. So, you have to decide if the payout is worth the wait. You need to choose if you want to win more often or claim great prices!

What types of games can have progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots rose to prominence in recent times. Due to the attractive returns these games had, lots of casinos added progressive jackpot to their websites. Examples of games with progressive jackpots include the following:

  • Pokie Machines – These are the most renowned casino games with progressive jackpots. There are lots of online pokies progressive jackpots by different developers. Here at CasinoBillions, you can find the best online pokies and progressive jackpot games, check our online pokies guide.
  • Casino Table Games and Live Dealer Games – Some table games and live dealer casino games have progressive jackpots. To play table games with progressive jackpots, you play a side bet first. Successfully playing the side bet enables you to play the table game with a progressive slot. Examples of these Table games are Casino Hold ‘Em, Blazing 7’s Blackjack, Roulette Royale, Let It Ride, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Three-Card Poker, and Caribbean Stud Poker.
  • Poker – These are bad beat jackpots where a minute percentage of every jackpot played is added to the jackpot. The jackpot is claimed when any of the players lose with a strong good hand to an even better one.
  • Bingo – These games offer progressive jackpots if you can call bingo before a specified number of balls are taken. The prizes and ball number varies from game to game.
  • Lotteries – This can be played using your state-sponsored lottery. They are draw games with the same structure of progressive jackpots.

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Type of Progressive Jackpots pokies

There are various types of Progressive jackpot pokies. Understanding these types and how they work is essential as earlier mentioned. The types of Progressive jackpot Pokies in New Zealand are:

  • Standalone Jackpots

These types of progressive pokies only accept contributions from a single player at a time. These are only available in land-based Casinos. Some of these are listed on the Best Online Casino Reviews website. Check them out if these are your desired types of pokies!

  • Local-In-House Jackpots

These are games at a single in-house casino which have a connecting nexus. These in-house jackpots offer affordable prizes. This is because number of contributions is influenced by number of progressive slot machines.

  • Network/Wide Area Progressive

These games take contributions from a lot of players. These players span different casino sites in most instances. Hence, they offer the best prizes because higher number of players play them simultaneously. Examples of such progressive pokies vetted by Best Online Casino Reviews are Mega Moolah and Mega Bucks.

Which are the most popular progressive jackpots

Finding great progressive pokies which offer outstanding jackpots can be arduous. Best Online Casino Reviews does the hard work for you. We ensure that only games with outstanding rewards and short time intervals between jackpot hits are listed. All that New Zealand players who look to venture into these progressive pokies need to do open Best Online Casino Reviews websites and check the listed progressive jackpot slots online. Some of the prominent progressive slots jackpot in New Zealand are :

  • Mega Fortune – This Game was developed by the renowned NetEnt. This slot machine is known for its highly efficient multiple and large payouts. Some of these progressive jackpots top prizes are 29 million New Zealand dollars, 18 million New Zealand dollars, 13 million New Zealand dollars, 11.8 million New Zealand dollars, and 10.1 New Zealand dollars. The highest payout from this slot machine was recorded in January 2013.
  • Mega Moolah – This was developed by the prominent Microgaming company. It is currently known and referenced amongst Kiwi players to be the highest paying amongst progressive jackpot slots online.
    Players all over the continents of the world equally attest to this fact. In New Zealand in June 2016, it paid out NZ$10, 144, 395.82. In the UK, 13.2 million pounds in October 2015. In Canada, it paid out CA$20,059,287.27 in January 2019. Recently in Europe, it paid out 14,239,532.84 pounds.
  • Mega Fortune Dreams – This game was developed by NetEnt. It has five reels and 20 paylines. The jackpot bonus rounds enable Kiwi players to hit multiple jackpots.
  • Mega Moolah Isis – Mega Moolah Isis is a progressive pokie developed by Microgaming. Its slot machine has about 25 paylines and a wild symbol called the Isis. This Isis which increases your chances of hitting a jackpot is what makes this progressive pokie interesting.
  • Arabian Nights – This is a jackpot development by the popular NetEnt. It pays out an average of NZ$2,055,841.41 every 151 days.
  • Hall of Gods – An amazing build by NetEnt. This progressive jackpot has five reels and twenty paylines to increase your odds of winning a jackpot when used well.
  • Jackpot Giant – This game was developed by Playtech with five reels, three rows, and an outstanding fifty paylines. This progressive slot is known for its very high return to progressive jackpot players.
  • Major Millions – This game was developed by Microgaming and could be won on both three-reel pokie machines or military cartoonish pokies with 15 paylines.

mega fortune

Progressive Pokies Game Developers

Progressive Jackpots are creations of Software developers. Overtime, some software developers have shown unmatched dexterity in constantly building outstanding progressive pokies. Some of these amazing developers renowned amongst Kiwi players are:


MicrogamingMicrogaming stands out in the world of software engineering of progressive pokies. They hold the record as software providers with the highest jackpot payout ever. It provides for full payment of jackpots as soon as verification is complete. Some prominent games from this provider include Mega Moolah, Triple Sevens Blackjack, Roulette Royale, Cyber Stud Poker, King Cashalot.


NetentNetEnt fully means Net Entertainment. This software provider develops a wide variety of progressive pokies. Many of the progressive jackpots from this software provider are Linked Progressive slots. Prominent amongst them are Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights, Mega Joker, and Caribbean Stud Poker.


PlaytechPlaytech is also amongst the great developers around New Zealand with a wide variety of pokie games at your disposal to be enjoyed. This software provider has paid out about $820,822,954 on progressive jackpots. Some popular games from Playtech are Jackpot Giant, Beach Life, Gold Rally, Progressive Blackjack, and many others.

Where can I play progressive Jackpots?

There are lots of casinos where progressive jackpots by top software developers can be paid. These include Paf Casino where a payout of NZ$30 million was made. Paf Casino has the famous Mega Fortune progressive jackpot from Net Entertainment. Others include Betfred Casino where a payout of $8,211,861 dollars was made on Beach life. At Best Online Casino Reviews, we keep you informed on the best casinos to play Progressive pokies. All you need to do is check back here anytime.

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Tips and strategies to help you playing a progressive slot machine

There are lots of tips to use when playing progressive jackpots. These include:

  1. Play Progressive Jackpots more often – It’s a popular concept that practice makes perfect. This culture is greatly appreciated by progressive slot players in New Zealand. Playing more keeps you on top of your game and makes you better.
  2. Set a Budget before Playing – Gambling is based on probability. Playing with a preset amount helps you minimize your risk and maximize your chances of winning.
  3. Realize when to Quit and Avoid taking losses – When you get unlucky with hitting the jackpot, quit at the right time. Emotions should be fought to avoid losing lots of money.
  4. Check the odds of Winning – Weighing your chances first is the smartest thing to do. Check things like maximum or average payouts and intervals between these payouts.

Mobile Progressive Jackpots

For players who love to gamble anywhere and anytime. Progressive Pokies are available at online casinos with mobile responsive designs. You can play comfortably without a PC.

There are some setbacks regardless. These include mobile screen sizes which are very small and reduce the coverage you have. Also, progressive jackpots are fantastic and powerful games which might drain your battery at a very fast rate.

Online Pokie mobile casino


Some important terminologies often used when playing progressive jackpot pokies include:

Payout – This refers to the cash prize at which the jackpot is claimed by a lucky winner.

Bet Size – This refers to the amount you decide to wager when playing progressive slots

Side Bet – This is an alternative mode offered by certain progressive jackpots to enable you qualify with a small bankroll.

Reels – These are virtual barrels on which the slot game’s symbol is located.

Paylines – These determine the payout of progressive jackpots.

Bankroll – Refers to the amount a player decides to deposit for gambling purposes.

Wild Symbol – This is a symbol that substitutes other symbols to guarantee a win.


Are progressive Jackpots a Scam?

Many people have the erroneous fallacy that progressive jackpot pokies are fraudulent. However, they are real and actually payout to jackpot winners. Also, the numbers are influenced by Random Number Generators. Hence, it’s equally fair.

What is the biggest prize I can win in a Progressive Jackpot?

The prizes to claim varies from one progressive jackpot to another. In New Zealand, be assured you can hit a six-figure jackpot while playing progressive pokies.

Is it worth to play progressive Jackpots?

Playing Pokies is definitely dependent on luck and putting certain things in place. Playing with patience and hitting a jackpot can be a life changing experience for you.