Pokies Strategies in NZ 2024

Have you been playing pokies without desired results? Looking to develop your skills to make a change? As trivial as NZ players treat pokies, there are important key strategies to win. At CasinoBillions, we provide strategies on pokies winning tips to kiwi players in NZ.

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Pokies are not simply click to play games. If you love playing for real cash, you need lots of tips for playing pokies. Great pokies strategies guarantee you a better win to loss percentage. Hence, it should be given the requisite attention. There are several kinds of online pokies strategy. These shall be examined subsequently. Keep in mind that some of these strategies are game dependent. Game dependent strategies are restricted to particular pokies. A great example is the progressive jackpots. General strategies on the other handwork for a wide variety of online pokies.

The important part of online pokies to New Zealand players is making money. Being profitable with pokies requires a great deal of sacrifice. Minimizing risks and maximizing profits is what we help you do.



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Types of Online Pokies Strategies

Every player has a distinct motive for playing pokies. This includes playing for free online pokies and real money pokies. Is yours learning how to win pokies NZ? Developing a key strategy is the first step in this direction. There are procedures to execute this and setting goals is the first. You don’t embark on a voyage without a chosen destination.

This is the same with every online pokies strategy. You have to be clear on the goals you set to achieve. For instance, do you want to just meet wagering requirements? Is your goal to learn how to win jackpots on pokie machines in NZ? Are you just there to enjoy your leisure and play for fun? These are factors that determine the kind of strategy you develop for yourself. These help you create the best pokies strategy for each scenario.

Best Online Pokies Strategies That Could Help You Win

There are lots of amazing pokies strategies that could change your gaming. Some of these shall be examined including learning how to win on pokies machines NZ? This list of strategies is your best bet to a successful streak. The famous profitable strategies in playing online pokies are:

Managing the Bankroll

This strategy helps you determine the amount of money to gamble with when playing an online pokie. The aim as mentioned earlier is to help you minimize your risk. Is your aim to learn how to beat pokie machines? You definitely don’t want to lose all your money while doing this. Managing the bankroll strategy involves checking the minimum and maximum bet amount. This helps you pick a pokie that suits your budget. Heavy gambling without requisite skills is highly discouraged!

Study the Pokies

CasinoBillions already streamlines your search of great online pokies and pokie machine hacks NZ. All that’s left is checking the pokies listed for other player dependent preferences. These include the payout percentage, payment lines, type of pokies, winning combinations and a host of other factors. Payout percentage keeps you abreast of expected rate from that pokie game. Payment lines are pokies that require alignment of images on the same line.

Also, determine the kind of pokie you’re playing. For instance, it could be a three-reel pokie, five-reel pokie, video pokie and progressive jackpots. This helps you determine the best playing style to adopt. All these pokie types have different features, bonuses and winning chances.

Define your style of play

In the earlier point, we had pokies lines explained. These concepts help you to understand and adopt a profitable playing style. Also, helps you decide which pokie types you wish to invest in. For pokies with high return to player, you need to determine if you want to invest heavily or not. Before investing heavily, make sure you know how to play pokies machines well. Also, consider your play time. You can effectively restrict your pokie choices to those that let you hit target amount within the time you have.

Try Autoplay modes

Are you a big fan of automated processes? Do you love to play online pokies without doing all the hard work? Automated strategies are the best if the above questions are in the affirmative for you. Autoplay strategy entails a programmed style of play being used repetitively. To use this, a question must be solved. That is, how are pokie machines programmed? Using an auto-play strategy is great if you have time constraints. But it requires adept understanding of how pokies are programmed.

Study Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds are additional rounds that are available after a series of rounds have been completed. Lots of New Zealand players love these. However, they are not obligatory. You can decide not to play them. You can just take a good rest from pokies during bonus rounds and come back enlivened. Regardless, building persistence over time helps you play bonus rounds well. You can make some extra cash while playing these rounds.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slots are one of the latest inventions in the pokie world. Richly informed about how to win jackpot on pokies NZ? Stay tuned to learn more! Amongst New Zealand players, they are renowned as the most profitable too. Progressive jackpot is a jackpot that keeps rising every time NZ players make a wager on the machine. A small amount of wager funds the jackpot until a lucky person wins. These wins are as large as six to seven figures in New Zealand.

Progressive jackpots are evidently profitable. And after understanding how it works, your strategy is almost set. Next thing to do is thoroughly check the rules. These rules are not uniform in all pokies. Some require you make a max bet to win jackpots. On the other hand, some can be win with minimum bets too.

Playing to Redeem Bonus

This strategy heavily depends on the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements is the amount of money that must be wagered at an online casino in order to redeem a bonus. NZ players who play these must ensure they meet the wagering requirements before playing.

Check the RTP

RTP is a popular abbreviation amongst NZ pokies players. It means Return to Player. Most pokie games have high RTPs (mostly above 90%). Regardless, a great strategy is playing only pokies with above 96% RTPs. This guarantees you higher chances of making a great deal of money without risking a lot.

Tryout Free Spins

Finding what you love requires trying out different things. A great strategy to employ in online pokies is the Free Spin strategy. That is, you play the free slot of a pokie. To start, click on the try free button of any pokie on CasinoBillions. Playing a pokie game for free helps improve your skills. Afterwards, you can proceed to play for real cash.

Myths and strategies that don’t work

Asides from the strategies listed above, there are several other strategies that do not work. They are myths that have been passed over time by random NZ players. They often spam you with pokies how to win? Posts. Avoid these kinds of strategies as they only make you lose money. Some of these are:

  • Bet sizes pattern

Following a pattern of size betting strictly has no effect on the results. Results are generated randomly using Random Number Generators( RNGs). Hence, the pokies machine doesn’t know that you’re trying to follow a pattern of increasing or decreasing the sizes of the bet. As such, your patterns are bound to fail fatally. This strategy sounds a little bit like the Martingale strategy, which is not designed for pokies, nor has been proved to work.

  • Playing Recently claimed Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpots are great to win a great deal of money. However, some myth strategies in New Zealand advise against playing in a pokie where someone hit the jackpot recently. Most casinos would announce their big winners, so you would know which jackpots have been won recently. You can also check their online pokie pages to check the status of the jackpots. This strategy as explained does not work. Numbers are generated randomly in online pokies. As such, hitting a jackpot doesn’t affect the system and doesn’t mean the jackpot won’t hit in a while.

  • Same Strategy For All Pokies

Another myth strategy says all pokies are the same and should be approached with the same strategy. This is wrong. As we discussed earlier, all pokies are different. We mentioned the different types of pokies in NZ. You should study these types like the three-reel, five-reel, video pokies, and progressive jackpots. Then, develop requisite strategies for the types you choose to play.

CasinoBillions Conclusion

Now that you have all the great pokies strategies at your disposal. You should try these out on your favourite pokies in New Zealand. These will definitely improve your performance.

Regardless of the use of Random Number Generators, strategies still work perfectly well. Gambling as a sport is a game of probability. Most New Zealand players are aware of this fact. Hence, no one should expect a 100% return on their money. However, these pokies winning tips above increase your odds. Try them and experience a whole new pokies prowess.