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Paysafecard NZ – Is it the best payment method?

One of the most important factors to consider before you begin having fun in online casinos is deciding on a payment method. Choosing one is necessary in order for you to deposit money to your online casino account, and finding one that works for you will make the process a breeze.

The pre-loaded Paysafecard is one of the top payment methods available for New Zealanders and must be considered when choosing your deposit method. Paysafe casinos are very common in NZ, and our review will tell you why it should be on your shortlist.

Here are Best Online Casino Reviews, we provide information about payment methods, how to deposit/withdraw in a casino online, which casinos accept the payment option, fees, transaction times, and more. This is everything you need to know about using a Paysafecard.

Top 5 Casinos sites that accept Paysafecard


About Paysafecard

Paysafecard is an extremely popular online casino payment method that was created by Paysafe in order for casino lovers to make deposits at their online casino of choice. Their owner Paysafe is an online payment company that has many products on offer, including the Paysafecard and online digital wallet Skrill that is another deposit method for online casinos.

The Paysafecard was first introduced in Austria back in 2000 so it has been a very common payment method for two decades. Casinos with Paysafecard are super easy to find in NZ since it is well-known and trusted by thousands of people to handle their casino deposits. The card can also be found in over 50 countries around the world.

There are three very simple steps to follow when using the card in Paysafecard casinos.

  • Find where to buy a Paysafecard at a physical or online retailer
  • Decide to buy a Paysafecard worth $10, $25, $50, or $100.
  • Use your loaded Paysafecard in any Paysafecard casinos as your chosen deposit method.

Casinos with PaysafeCard In 2024

Paysafecard is one of the most common payment methods because it has so many appealing factors. The card has become increasingly popular in the online casino world thanks to its flexibility, ease of use, and safety. Unlike some other payment methods, a Paysafecard is a very easy way for people who aren’t comfortable using eWallets or cryptocurrency due to it being a prepaid card you can buy in-person at your local store. When using a Paysafecard you don’t have to enter any of your personal details, just the PIN number on your Paysafecard. This means that none of your important information is shared over the internet so the transaction is extremely safe.

Some Paysafecard casinos include:

  • Energy Casino: Founded back in 2013, Energy Casino is a high octane online casino that is memorable for having a wide range of games available and it’s yellow and black colourway. You can use your Paysafecard to deposit money to your account and enjoy all the fun that is on offer whenever you please.
    Visit now – Energy Casino
  • Leo Vegas Casino: A classic brand in the online casino world, Leo Vegas Casino is a place where you can play casino games, enjoy live table games, and even bet on sports. If you want a casino that offers all three and accepts Paysafecard, check it out.
    Visit Now – LeoVegas casino
  • Dingo Casino: One of the newest NZ online casinos that are out there is Dingo Casino. With a relaxed atmosphere and sought after bonuses, Dingo is a great option for both new players and experienced alike.
    Visit Now – Casino Dingo
  • Betway Casino: Established way back in 2006, Betway accepts Paysafecard as a deposit method and also has eSports betting available.
    Visit Now – Betway Casino
  • Dunder Casino: One of the largest online casinos in the world, Dunder has over 1700 games for you to choose from and play thanks to your Paysafecard when you make a deposit.
    Visit Now – Dunder Casino

Paysafe pokies casinos

Pokies (slots or poker machines) are one of the most popular online casino games for New Zealanders. They were one of the first casino games that morphed into the online world back in the 1990s, and ever since they have entertained millions around the world and made many rich thanks to jackpot wins. Pokies is a common Paysafe casino game and the easiest online casino game to play, which is a factor as to why so many people use them. All you have to do is select how much you would like to bet per game, how many lines you want to play, and press spin!

A Paysafecard is a great way to make deposits to use online pokies no matter what casino you choose to use. Since your card is preloaded with a set amount of money that you chose it will immediately be added to your casino account. This means you can make secure and reliable deposits whenever you please and use them to play your favourite pokies. Another great factor to the Paysafecard is that you can use some of your balance in one casino and the rest in another if you want to split up where you play online pokies.

Live casino Paysafecard sites

Undoubtedly one of the biggest shifts in the online casino industry has been the introduction of live casino online games. Instead of playing against computer-generated games, some of the best NZ online casinos offers the opportunity to play live table games against real people with real dealers at a real money casino. This is the closest online casinos have got to mimicking the physical experience at casinos and these types of games have been embraced by NZ online casino lovers.

Using a Paysafecard for live casino games has a number of benefits, including being able to use it as a way to control your spending. If you preload your Paysafecard and use it all at a Paysafe casino you will not be able to instantly add more funds to your online casino account. This is also a great way to track your spending if you haven’t been winning so you don’t end up depositing more money than you can afford to lose.

Mobile Casino With Paysafecard

Smartphones and smart devices have had an everlasting impact in the online casino world, and over the last few years, mobile casino use has skyrocketed. Mobile casinos are very popular in NZ for a myriad of reasons. They are known to be fast, reliable, and the fact that you can use one wherever you have reception means they are nearly always available. Because of this, you can easily whip out your phone and have some fun whenever you feel like it. The most common way to play on a mobile casino is either via an app or on their regular website that has been optimised for mobile phones.

When it comes to Paysafe online casino use many people find the card being a great option for making deposits. One of the big reasons why is that you can have extremely quick access to your funds. If you purchase your Paysafecard and want to try your luck in an NZ mobile casino you can do so on the spot by entering the PIN from your card and making the deposit via the mobile casino site.

Paysafecard Casino Bonus Offers

One of the best aspects of joining a Paysafe online casino for new players is the chance to receive bonuses. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses for those that make their first deposit, but there are also other goodies that can be available, such as free spins on certain online pokies and free bets.

While there are no bonuses directly related to using a Paysafecard, but the card enables you to receive them since it is what you use to make your deposits. If you decide to claim a bonus your online casino account will feature both your money from your Paysafecard and the bonus.

The Pros of Paysafe Card

Thinking about giving a paysafecard a try? Here are some of the pros and cons of this online casino deposit method.

The Pros:

  • They can be found at many locations on both the north and south island and thanks to their website you can search for exact retail locations where they are available
  • Using a paysafecard means that you can use your cold hard cash in Paysafe online casinos since this is how you load the card
  • Since your paysafecard has a pre-loaded amount of money on it you can easily keep track of your spending to make sure you aren’t depositing more than you can afford
  • In most cases it will cost you nothing to purchase a paysafecard. You will only be charged a small amount if your account is not active for 24 months and you still have a balance on your card, or if you request a refund
  • The transaction time on a paysafecard is extremely fast so your deposit will most likely be instant to your online casino account
  • You don’t have to use your full balance on your paysafecard at one time

The Cons:

  • While this isn’t a con for everyone, you can only use cash to purchase a paysafecard. If you aren’t a fan of paying for items in cash a paysafecard might not be the best option for you.
  • Withdrawals to your paysafecard can be done, but not many casinos offer them and there are often large fees involved in withdrawing back to your card. For this reason, most paysafecard owners use a different method for when they are ready to withdraw their money from online casinos
  • If you don’t live in close proximity to a store that sells paysafecards you will not be able to buy one and not all casinos in NZ are casinos with Paysafe

How to Make Online Casino Deposit with PaysafeCard?

Using your Paysafecard to make a deposit at one of the many Paysafe accepted casinos is very simple to understand no matter how much experience you have in the online casino world. The card is super easy to use and you won’t have to enter any sensitive payment information that some people are hesitant to use over the internet. You can also check our casino reviews to make sure that Paysafecard is accepted where you want to play. Here are the easy steps to use your card at paysafe accepted casinos:

  • Purchase your Paysafecard from a retail store with the desired balance amount that you are comfortable with
  • Log onto your online casino of choice and navigate to the banking page where you make your deposits
  • Select Paysafecard as your method of payment
  • Enter your Paysafecard PIN number and select how much money you would like to deposit
  • Double-check you have selected the right amount and confirm your payment
  • Your payment should transfer to your online casino account instantaneously so you will be able to enjoy

How to Make an Online Casino Paysafecard Withdrawal?

In the majority of NZ casinos with Paysafe, you won’t be able to use a Paysafecard as a withdrawal method. For the casinos that do accept it, you can use the “Payout” feature of a Paysafecard where you can request a withdrawal to your Paysafecard account. You can then use that money to make more purchases with your Paysafecard. Remember that this option won’t be available at the majority of NZ online casinos.

Safety and Security

Using a Paysafecard is a very secure and safe way for you to make deposits to your online casino account. One of the main selling points to using a Paysafecard is the security you get by adding your funds onto it. Instead of having to provide your credit card information, your cash is secured safely on the card and your unique PIN number protects it. It is the equivalent of paying in cash, but just online instead of in-person. This means that your Paysafecard can never be hacked due to the security of the product. Remember not to enter your Paysafecard PIN number anywhere besides on trusted sites where you wish to spend your money.

How to Get and Use Paysafecard in NZ?

If you want to give using a Paysafecard a try it is very simple for you to acquire one. The easiest way to do so is by visiting their website and looking on their map as to where the closest store is to you that sells the card. When at the store you can choose how much money you would like to put on your card and from there you are ready to use it whenever you feel like it.

Paysafecard Online Casino FAQs

How many Paysafecard can I purchase to use at casinos with paysafe?

There is no limit on how many cards you are able to purchase and load with your cash. Each card has a maximum limit of 200NZD, so if you wish to add more funds you will have to purchase another card.

Is the Paysafecard deposit method accepted at all online casinos?

Since every online casino is different this payment method can’t be used at every NZ online casino, but the majority will accept it.

How long does it take to deposit with paysafecard?

Making a deposit to your paysafecard is instant and will happen in-store after you make the transaction to buy your paysafecard.

Does paysafe have customer support?

Yes, since paysafe is a massive company there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to getting help. There are FAQs on their website, an email address you can contact if you need additional help, and the option to lock your paysafecard to protect your balance.

Who can buy a paysafecard?

Any New Zealander can buy a card, but if you wish to use the funds for online casino deposits you will have to be aged 18 years or older in compliance with the New Zealand government laws on gambling.

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