NetEnt Launches New Super Striker Poker Machine

The worldwide pandemic known as Covid-19 has caused major interruptions to the world soccer landscape, especially in New Zealand where the A-League has been indefinitely postponed. Despite soccer games not happening on the field for the last few months, there is a new poker machine game available in the best NZ online casinos that will give you your fix while you wait for the reason to restart.  

Super Striker is a poker machine developed by the legendary NetEnt that has been getting rave reviews since it’s release at the end of April. We spent some time playing and learning this game, so here’s the Best Online Casino Reviews review of Super Striker.

What is it?

Super Striker is a 3-reel and row online slot machine that is centered around a unique soccer theme. The game is very easy to play and is recommended for newbies as well as those that have experience with this type of online casino game. 

How to Play

The game operates in a similar manner to most 3 reel poker machines where the aim is to line up three symbols across any of the three lines. There are 5 bet fixed lines for Super Striker and 8 different symbols that you can try to match up. If any of the three “GOAL” symbols match up you will also be a winner according to the amount stated in the paytable. 

Free Spins and Multipliers

One of the best aspects of Super Striker is that there are multiple ways for you to win big. The best way to make the most of your money is to try and get free spins and progress through the level multiplier. This can be done when either 3 “football” scatter symbols or 1 “golden” scatter combining with 2 footballs appear during one game. 

Once one of these options has occurred, you will be taken the pokies interface will be replaced with the “Free Spins” page. Only the golden scatters will be visible during the free spins game and your aim is to fill the play area with them. If you do so, you will advance from level 1 where you can reach a maximum of level 5. On the free spins page, you will be able to see how many free spins you have left, what level you are on, what your winnings are, and what the level multiplier is.

Every time that you make it to the next level you will receive a big win. This is calculated by how many golden scatters you have multiplied by the level you are on, multiplied by what your bet was. These awesome bonuses really add up quickly, so if you manage to make it to the free spins page you will be very, very happy. 

Bet Slip

Another huge bonus feature to Super Striker is that you have the ability to place side bets during your game. Located under the “Bet Slip” menu to the right of the game, this is a very unique feature where you can make bets regarding how often certain symbols appear. Inside the Bet Slip menu, you can select the amount you wish to wager, how many times you think your chosen symbol will show up, and how many spins you have to achieve it for your bet to be a success. 

The Bet Slip really adds to this online pokies experience. It makes every spin that much more enjoyable since each one counts towards the wage you made in relation to the slip. 

The Final Verdict

While nothing can replace the A-league action, Super Striker is perfect for soccer fans that love to game or general poker machine lovers. The sounds, graphics and free spins sections all relate to the world game and this adds a fun atmosphere that isn’t always the case when playing 3-reel online slot machines. It’s so fun that Best Online Casino Reviews recommends Super Striker for all online poker machine fans and not just those who love soccer. 

You can check out Super Striker in some of the best NZ online casinos that use NetEnt games and remember to claim your welcome bonus to get the best bang for your buck.