Common Gambling Mistakes Made by Online Casino Players

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Online casinos provide us with a lot of entertainment, from the thrill of the pokies to the well-known strategy of live dealer blackjack. First and foremost, you should always enjoy the online games that you play. But of course, we all want to win some money along the way as well. The thing is, many of us are still making amateur gambling mistakes every time we log in and enter our online casino of choice.

Big mistakes cost us big money and more importantly, our enjoyment when playing online games. So, it’s our aim in this Best Online Casino Reviews blog post to highlight the common mistakes made by online casino players from New Zealand. We hope to improve your overall casino experience so that you can play with a higher level of knowledge and a better understanding of the games you play. Hopefully, you will pick up a few more wins along the way as well!

Let’s take a look at the first common mistake, the lack of money management.

Money Management

One of the first rules of playing at an online casino is understanding money management and how it can make or break your gaming experience. The topic is vast, and one that every player should study and work out for themselves. After all, we all enter the online casino with different bankrolls. It’s the art of managing these bankrolls that will allow you to enjoy your games and overall casino experience for many months and years to come.

So, what is money management? Never forget this: you should only ever play with money you can afford to lose. If you can only afford to lose $10, play with $10. If you’re okay with losing $100, play with $100 and not a penny more. Work out your budget and stick to it, whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly limit. Use the on-site gambling tools to set your deposit limits to keep your spending in check.

The biggest mistake you can make when playing at online casinos is chasing your losses. It’s essential that every player knows when to stop betting and walk away – even when you think a winner might be just around the corner. The reality is you never know what’s around that corner.

There are many simple bankroll strategies out there that allow you to control your bets and gambling sessions. These are great strategies to learn because you not only bring more enjoyment to your gaming experience, but your money goes a lot further as well.

Understanding House Edge

A beginner who first signs up to an online casino might jump straight in and start playing the first game that they see, or perhaps the one with the coolest name. This is all well and good, but understanding house edge is the number one rule when it comes to picking the games you play. In summary, the house edge shows the mathematical advantage (as a percentage) that the casino has over you, the player.

All casino games come with varying house edge percentages and so it certainly pays to know the house edge of each game that you play. Knowing which games offer the lowest house edge will give you the highest chance of walking away with a profit in the long run. Blackjack is well known as the go-to game for the best odds, but this is only true if you understand basic blackjack strategy.

Games such as Craps and Video Poker both offer players a low house edge and therefore the odds of you winning are increased if you pick and play these games. Of course, you can still win on games such as Progressive Jackpot Pokies and Roulette, but some of these come with much higher odds and so you won’t be expected to win as often.

Not Playing the Practice Version First

A common mistake made by all levels of players – including experienced online casino gamers – is not testing out the practice versions of games before they play. These don’t have to be new releases, just any game that you have not played before. If your casino offers the demo version then you should always at least take a look and see how the game works in terms of betting options, in-game features, and payouts.

The practice games and the idea of playing with “virtual money” also lets you familiarise yourself with the game layout, betting controls, and the all-important rules. This familiarity, along with any basic strategy that you can plan employ, will help you in the long run and hopefully lead you to more winning bets.

You can usually find the practice versions of each game in the main lobby when you click on a game title, giving you the option to “Play for Fun” or “Play for Real”. Deciding to spend a few minutes on the practice game will more often than not save you money (and wasted bets as you try to understand the game) which is crucial when playing with your own hard-earned dollars.

Not Reading the Bonus T&Cs

Claiming bonus offers without reading the full terms and conditions is one of the biggest mistakes any casino player can make. There are so many casino bonuses offers out there these days that you can’t even land on a website without one flashing up before your eyes. These new player deals are designed to catch your eye with big bonus amounts and hundreds of free spins. However, not all of them are as player-friendly as they might seem.

Our suggestion at Best Online Casino Reviews is simple: make it your priority to read the T&Cs of every single bonus or promotion that you intend to claim. Read the terms and everything that comes with it and then decide if you want to go ahead with the offer. Claiming a huge bonus and then realising that you’re tied into something that gives you no value is the most frustrating thing you can do at an online casino.

Understanding wagering requirements, game wagering contribution, and maximum betting and winning limits are all crucial pieces of information when deciding on whether to take a bonus offer or not. Take the time to build your knowledge of these bonus terms and make sure you understand what is fair and what isn’t. It will ensure that you only claim the best bonuses in the future and will also significantly enhance your over online casino experience.

Playing at Unlicensed Online Casino Sites

If you are new to online gaming then you might be wary of the safety and security of passing over personal and banking data to a casino. If so, you’ve got a good frame of mind – you should always be vigilant online, regardless whether you are playing online pokies or shopping for clothes. One mistake that many players are still making today is that they are playing at unlicensed casinos, and this spells trouble from the moment they sign up.

We have some useful checks for all players concerned about rogue casinos, and by following these you’ll be able to pick out the good casinos from the bad. The first port of call is to check their online reputation by reading reviews. You can find out useful information regarding banking issues, for example, and it’s the slow or denied withdrawal requests that usually throw up the red flags. If other players have had problems, don’t follow in their footsteps.

Other useful check points for you to follow are based around the licensing of the casino. All casinos are required to hold a gambling license and these can be acquired from a number of official authorities from countries like Malta, Gibraltar, UK, and Alderney – to name just a few. If you can’t find any license, usually located in the footer of the website, then the chances are that the casino is not official and not to be trusted. Keep your personal and bank details safe and only play at officially licensed casinos.