Learn More About the Best Video Poker Game of All Time

Video Poker has been a staple of the best NZ online casinos for many years, and due to its popularity, there are many different versions available that feature different rules and regulations. While there are some great versions, there is one that is impossible to ignore since it is fantastic for so many different reasons. Here are the top five Best Online Casino Reviews facts as to why Jacks or Better is the best video poker game in history.

It is Always Available

When it comes to learning a game you want to make sure that putting in the effort to completely understand it isn’t a waste of time. With Jacks or Better, all of the best NZ online casinos will have the game available to play because it is the most popular and the oldest version of video poker. This means that once you put the time in to learn how to play Jacks or Better it won’t be a waste since it will always be available. 

Anyone Can Learn Great Strategy

Learning strategy is always the best thing to do when playing online casino games, and with Jacks or Better nobody will be left behind when it comes to making a plan.

The aim of the game is in its name, you just need to get Jacks or Better. For this reason, making sure you have the best chance at a winning hand is simple. When dealt your five cards, the most common strategy is to make sure you hold onto any pairs, even if they are lower than Jacks. This is because even though you don’t win with a low pair you have a chance of improving your hand during the second and final card deal.

The only other main strategy that is used by experienced Jacks or Better players than keeping your pairs is holding onto cards that make up a royal flush, four that are the same suit, or 4 that give you a chance of getting a straight. 

The Risk Factor is Incredibly Low

If a game is to be considered the king of the mountain it needs to have a low risk factor, especially in video poker where you are playing against a computer and no humans. 

Out of the most common versions of video poker, Jacks or Better has the lowest risk factor, which is also known as variance in the industry. This means that your bankroll is more likely to be safe when playing this game in comparison to other video poker games such as Double Double Bonus Poker where the risk of losing is much higher. 

There is a Low House Edge

Along with being able to maintain your bankroll for longer due to the low variance rate, Jacks or Better has a lower house edge in comparison to other games available at online casinos, such as slot machines. 

The lower the house edge means that the advantage that the casino has over the players is smaller. This means you have more of a chance to win big and not exit your casino session empty-handed. 

You Get Longer Playing Sessions

There is nothing worse than sitting down to play in an online casino and you lose your bankroll just as you are getting started. Jacks or Better is your best friend if you are looking for longer video poker playing sessions because the returns are great for hands that occur frequently. 

Instead of returning your original wager when getting a 2-pair (which is a very common result) Jacks or Better returns, you double your wager when you get a 2-pair so you can keep playing for longer. If you aren’t having a lucky day and are only getting lower results on other video poker games you would most likely run out of money, but with Jacks or Better, it is more likely that you will still have bankroll left to try to get larger winning hands. 

As you can tell we love Jacks or Better at Best Online Casino Reviews, and you will too if you don’t already now you know why it is the greatest video poker game in history. Load up a game of Jacks or Better at one of the top online casinos such as Lucky Nugget, Voodoo Dreams, and Jackpot City and go have some fun.