10 Common Mistakes When Playing Online Pokies

The Best Online Casino Reviews Online Pokies Guide to Playing Better

Online pokies are huge in New Zealand, and today you are spoilt for choice with so many different titles available. The question is: are you playing your beloved pokies as well as possible? Maybe you are making the same mistakes that many other New Zealand players are making online? If you think this sounds like you then read on and we’ll talk you through the most common mistakes slot players make.

We want to provide all our Best Online Casino Reviews readers with as much knowledge and information as possible so they can enjoy a better casino gaming experience. So, make sure that you are not letting yourself down with any of these 10 mistakes slot players make, and let us help you take your playing to the next level.

1. Relying on strategies

Do not believe anything you read online, or offline for that matter, when it comes to pokie playing strategies. All you need to know is that pokies are designed with RNG (Random Number Generator) software and this means that each and every spin is played at random. Strategy is impossible.

Sure, you can learn how the bonus features work and memorise the winning symbols, but there is no special strategy to make the game payout more often for you than any other player. Enjoy the best online casino game and hope you get lucky. It’s as simple as that.

2. Carrying on playing after winning big

One of the biggest slot mistakes that players make is that they keep on spinning after a big win. The sensible option here is to take your winnings and cash out. Visit the cashier and either logout and celebrate your winning session or move on to another game. At the very least, bank 50% of your winnings and then carry on.

There is no denying that some people may land more winning payouts after their initial big win, but there is nothing linking these wins to your previous payout. Don’t be in a rush to play and win. Keep control of your emotions.

3. Lack of bankroll management

One of the major mistakes that online pokie players make is not keeping an eye on their bankroll and overall money management. It goes without saying that you should only play with what you can afford to lose, but you should also work out a playing or winning limit for each session and stick to it. Always keep track of your deposits and never overspend beyond your budget.

4. Playing the wrong betting limits

A quick way to lose your bankroll is by wagering the wrong bet amount. Maximise your pokies session by playing at the right betting limits, adjusted to suit your actual bankroll.

A simple explanation would be that with a $50 bankroll, you could either play 10 spins at $5 each or 100 spins at $0.50 each. If you’re planning to play for an hour or two, then accidentally wagering $5 per bet could totally ruin your day.

5. Playing under the influence

It might be an obvious one, but we thought that we should include it since this has been the downfall of many casino players over the years. Simply put, don’t gamble when you are under the influence of alcohol. Even one or two drinks can put you in a mood where you are willing to take bigger – and stupider – risks. Stay sober and keep control of your money.

6. Not reading the game rules fully

A classic mistake made by beginner players is not reading the rules before playing, especially so when it comes to online pokies. A quick read-through of the rules will put you in a much better position when playing with your own money. You can find all the important information regarding features, bonus rounds, and jackpots by clicking the “information” button on-screen.

You don’t want to be playing for an hour trying to win the jackpot, and then suddenly realize that you need to bet the maximum amount in order to trigger it! Read the rules first and then spin the reels.

7. Chasing losses

One mistake that many inexperienced players fall into is starting to chase their losses. This involves players hunting for a win when they are on a losing streak. Just because you have lost 10 spins in a row does not mean that you will suddenly hit a big win.

If you are not winning then stop playing and come back another day, or else your bankroll will quickly disappear. Nobody wins all the time: that’s a useful fact to remember each time you log in and play online.

8. Understanding the RTP

RTP is displayed as a percentage and indicates how much the pokie will pay out over the long run. The crucial fact to remember here is that the RTP is not specific to you personally but to all players placing bets during the life cycle of the game.

The average RTP is around 95-96% for most good pokies, but this can drop to 90% and below in progressive jackpot pokies. High RTP means a better chance for you to win. Stick to the higher RTP games if you want to maximise your chance to make a profit!

9. Only playing progressive jackpot games

The lure of the progressive jackpots is always going to be too much for some players, and who can blame them when you have a chance to win millions of New Zealand dollars from just one spin!

Our advice is not to play these games all the time. Give them a spin once in a while if you’re feeling lucky, but don’t put all your money into them as their major payouts are extremely rare.

10. Not taking advantage of bonuses and promotions

Experienced players know that the right bonuses can enhance their gaming sessions. You should always keep an eye on what your casino is offering when it comes to free spins and bonus cash to use on the pokies.

Just remember to check the T&Cs to see if the offer lines up with your deposit limits and wagering potential. Remember that there are bonuses out there that will improve and increase your playing experience – always aim for them!